what is soma

world of biology

soma {cyton or perikaryon, is the largest end of a neuron, or "body" responsible for communication}

world of literature
soma {often refers to some form of intoxicating drug or hallucinogen commonly administered
to the people of the futuristic society}

our world
soma {a dash of analytical, left brain thinking and a splash of innovative insane right brain creativity
which make sure– a) you have a brand and– b) that it is alive}

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about us
nathalie plagnol
brian eickhoff

With over 19 years’ experience in marketing and sales, Nathalie began her career with the renowned advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi in New York. She then joined the hotel industry and worked in marketing & sales for the ACCOR Group, the fourth largest hotel corporation in the world, headquartered in Paris, France. After 10 years in the hotel industry, Nathalie went back to what she considered to be her first love – the advertising world.
Nathalie is originally from France and is fluent in French, Spanish (kinda) and English (which she speaks very, very, quickly and avoids the letter "H"). The speed at which she is able to run, talk, and think is just weird. ••